You will find answers to some common questions here. If you don’t find the information you need, please contact us by email, or phone.

What exactly is Spa Music Stream?

It’s a digital music service designed to help businesses meet the challenge of sourcing and controlling their music. Because the music is rights-inclusive, no Performing Rights (BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, PRS etc) fees are payable when Spa Music Stream is used exclusively.

What hardware and technology do I need?

No special hardware is needed. Spa Music Stream is delivered via Mobile App downloaded  for iSO and Android tablet devices and Chromium Browser.for PC / Mac or laptops . So long as you have an internet connection, a computer with sound card … nearly all do, and an audio system (amp and speakers or even just an iPod dock), you can use SpaMusicStream. 

What does ‘rights-inclusive’ mean?

If a composer or composition and recording artist / recording are not registered with any collection societies (commonly known as Performing Rights Organizations or PROs; in the States it’s BMI and ASCAP, in the U.K. it’s the PRS and PPL, SOCAN in Canada etc), then the resulting music is ‘rights inclusive’ meaning no license is required for public performance.More

What music can I play through Spa Music Stream?

You can play any track in the Spa Music Stream catalog of relaxation music. This ensures all the music you play is rights-inclusive so you don’t have to pay public performance fees. You can’t play your personal music (i.e CD’s, downloads or music services like Spotify/Napster) otherwise the service would no longer be rights-inclusive and you would be liable for public performance licenses.

Can I stop paying my Performing Rights Organization (PRO) immediately?

Once you have subscribed to the Spa Music Stream service you can notify your PRO in writing asking for a refund for the remainder of your license period [less 28 days notice]. Unfortunately the PROs refuse to give refunds, unless your license was purchased within the last 14 days. We can provide you with a standard letter to inform your PRO of your license-free status and exempt you from paying for their licenses.

Can I carry on playing the radio and still avoid paying PROs?

No, because playing the radio to staff or customers constitutes a public performance, and practically all tracks played on radio require a PRO license. Even if you only play the radio to staff in a back-office office for example, you would still need a specific PRO license to cover this.More

Where do you get your music from?

From a large number of artists and producers around the world. Our in-house team has extensive music industry and music production expertise, and have built up a network of music professionals over the years.

My business is based outside North America. Can I use Spa Music Stream?

This is not a problem. But we recommend you get in touch to talk through your specific situation, before subscribing.

What currency options are there?

Pricing is currently only in US Dollars, but you can generally pay with any international credit card. Or we can invoice you.

What if we don’t like a track?

Simple ….Just Let us know What playlist You are using and what is the name of the specific track you would like removed aAnd we will customize your playlist…You may incur a small incremental charge depending on how much customization is needed.

How much does it cost and what is the contract term?

The standard charge is $24.97 per player per monthly agreement. There is also a 3 month option for businesses. Certain additional services, such as playlist customization and or message announcements, may incur a small incremental charges. For full details see the features and pricing section or talk to our sales team.

Can I have a listen to the music first?

Just tack the free 14 day trial and test it for your business. The trial gives you access to our full player and Trail cross-section of our catalog, so you get a good idea of what you are getting. Go to the relevant part of the website or contact us directly to get set up – it’s really quick and simple to do

Can my business be invoiced and pay via bank transfer rather than via the website?

Since we are trying to keep Customers cost down we’ve gone to the simplest and most inexpensive way to do transaction. PayPal. Here you can pay with your credit card and join the subscription for your monthly recurring, quarterly recurring and your yearly subscription billing.

Can I pay in monthly installments?

Yes there is a Monthly recurring payment option if you pay with a card through PayPal. There is also a Quarterly option and our Yearly option commitment.

How do I go about getting Spa Music Stream to develop music playlists for me?

Just call us and we can discuss your requirements. We can refer you to our authorized service partners who can develop a bespoke audio brand for your business, as well as the ability to manage sites centrally, use in-store messaging and deliver it though secure hardware.

Can you manage installation and training across my business?

For smaller business installation and training is generally covered by you…. only because it’s so straightforward and we are at the end of the phone to help with any problems. For larger or more complex businesses, we tailor our service and support to meet the needs of the customer, and will be as hands-on as required in cooperation with our authorized partners.

Can I arrange to get a demo in my office?

Yes just get in touch, or you can download a trial player >>Here<<

How do I get to listen to some music?

You can download the App or a free 14 day trial, during which time you can listen to cross-section of the catalog, all the playlists and try out the control features. Alternatively you can listen to a limited selection of music here.

Who can I talk to about my requirements?

Just email at contact@spamusicstream.com, and we will be happy to advise and deal with queries. Or phone +1 (289) 445-1441.

How do I cancel my agreement and get a refund?

If for any reason you are unhappy with the Spa Music Stream service you may request a termination of our service and we will consider refunding your remaining subscription [less a 28 day notice period]. Please see our refund and cancellation policy for full details.

Who do I contact for urgent technical help?

Call +1 (289) 445-1441 and select technical support (option two). There will be someone to help during all normal business hours! Alternatively, send an email to support@spamusicstream.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I get you to produce and incorporate messaging?

We can put you in touch with our authorized service partners who can help you with the writing, production and integration of in-store messaging.