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Great Music -  Easy Set-up - Licenses Free

Spa Music Stream is the digital Background Music Service that delivers great music to your 

Spa, Health and Wellness, Reiki and Massage Business without the requirement to pay for a Music License. 

We carefully selects the world’s best rights-inclusive music, organizes it, and makes it available through our 

easy to use, fully-featured digital service.

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Spa Music


Spa Music

No Public performance License Needed!

Our music is 'Rights-Inclusive'

We Save You Money!!

Spa Music Stream – Background Music Service gives you access to thousands of great license-free tracks for your Spa, Reiki, Massage, Health, and Wellness Business spanning many genres, expertly play-listed to make it as easy as possible to play the right Relaxation Music for your clients.

Spa Music Stream is the digital background music service that delivers great music without the hassle of having to pay for a music license.

How? We deal directly with the artists and cut out the middleman. Spa Music Stream buys the rights to all the music we use, or we make our own. We then license it directly to you, so you no longer have to deal with BMI, ASCAP & SESAC in AMERICA, SOCAN or Re:Sounds in CANADA, or the PRS & PPL in the UK.

Spa Music Stream carefully selects the world's best relaxation music, organizes it, and makes it available through a fully-featured digital service designed to meet the Music needs of your business, whether large or small.

No Matter What Device!

Desktop - Laptop - Tablet - Cell Phone

Spa Music Stream can be quickly and easily installed onto host devices using Native Apps or your Chrome Browser.

Then connected to an audio-system (amp + speakers) that feeds your treatment rooms.

SMS can be streamed over the internet OR played without internet access.

You can take a Trial of the Service and try before you buy.

No credit card needed, no obligation

Perfect for Spa Franchise Chain

Whether you are an individual spa owner or a chain of spa franchises, Spa Music Stream provides the most powerful and easy-to-use solution to needing top quality relaxation music without dealing with expensive and unreasonable Performance Rights Organizations (BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, etc).

Perfect for Massage Therapists

It's never been easier or more affordable to access great quality relaxation music while avoiding expensive and unreasonable Performing Rights. Spa Music Stream gives you high level technical support and powerful tools to enrich the atmosphere of your service, saving you time and money. No need for special hardware, and no need to spend the time sourcing new music ever again!
I know, we love you too.


Perfect for Holistic Centers

Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reflexology Practitioners all enjoy a soothing backdrop to put clients at ease and increase customer satisfaction and return visits. When you add up your PRO licensing costs, and accessing the music itself (CDs etc) it gets expensive.

Customers who talk about us

“I have been extremely happy with the service provided by Spa Music Stream. The selection of music appropriate for my spa is excellent.

The app is incredibly easy to manipulate and can be installed on any android, so is very cost-effective.
Support provided is personable and very friendly, Errol is always available. However, I’ve had zero issues, and even the recent change to a new app platform was relatively seamless, just install the new app and license key.

Oh, and best feature in my opinion, you can download the music stream to the android in case of an internet outage”.

John / Owner  

Hand and Stone Spa, Paradise Valley, AZ.

I have been a client of Spa Music Stream for over 3 years. The music is great and constantly updated.

We have found that the selections are perfect for the spa industry. I love the new player app as well.

To me, customer service is paramount. My time is very valuable and I’m thankful that Errol has been completely available and responsive to my needs



Joe Harris
Hand and Stone 
Spa, Glassboro NJ

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