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Whether you are an individual spa owner or a chain of spa franchises, Spa Music Stream provides the most powerful and easy-to-use solution to needing top quality relaxation music without dealing with expensive and unreasonable Performance Rights Organizations (BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, etc). Those guys don't even pay the musicians whose CDs you are using, which is supposedly what they're there for. We, on the other hand, provide a revenue stream for many talented composers, producers and musicians outside of mainstream music business.

Access Spa Music Stream playlists, streams of the finest relaxation music production available. You can edit the playlists - remove tracks, change frequency of playback, etc. And yes, you can even create a schedule - switch playlists automatically. You can literally time when you want what style or vibe in what room or area of your facility!

Save playlists in case the internet goes down, and also to save bandwidth. Insert audio messaging to your staff and/or advertising to your customers, controlling what is played when, where and how often.

Unlike other streaming services (like Spotify and Napster) that are illegal to use in a commercial environment (because they are designed for personal use only), we are designed for business and allow you to save money and be legally compliant. Have a quick view here to see how we save you money.