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The Music & Playlists

At the heart of Spa Music Stream is a large, diverse and growing catalog of original high-quality relaxation music. The music is organized into channels e.g. Spa, and each channel contains expertly compiled playlists. There is also a range of genre playlists such as Ibiza Chill, Smooth Jazz, Classical and Christmas music on the service.

The playlists can be edited and you can easily create your own playlists… MORE

Accessing the Spa Music Stream service

Spa Music Stream can be quickly and easily installed onto a host of PC, Mac and Android devices. You can download the service from this website and you can also download a trial player and try before you buy. No credit card needed, no obligation.

Once the Spa Music Stream software is installed, the computer is connected to an audio-system (amp + speakers). The music can be streamed over the internet from our servers OR downloaded and played without internet access. Playlists you select are automatically downloaded onto your computer or tablet so that music can be played even if the internet connection goes down. So an internet connection is needed only for set up and for new music updates. It’s totally secure, regularly virus checked and comes with comprehensive online support for peace of mind.

All that’s needed is a computer, amp, speakers and an internet connection. Even just an iPod dock will work for passable sound quality. No need for special hardware, no need for a music license, and no need to worry about sourcing new music ever again.

If you don’t have a suitable or conveniently located computer on site to run Spa Music Stream on, we offer a great value touchscreen tablet, the Spa Music Stream Player, which works straight out of the box with Spa Music Stream pre-installed.



Our catalog has been expertly compiled into tailored playlists to fulfill the music needs of different sectors. You can use any of these playlists as they are, or edit them to meet your specific requirements. You can instantly de-activate tracks you think are unsuitable, or boost the frequency of your favorites. You can create custom playlists yourself. ..MORE


The Spa Music Stream player has a scheduling function so you can set which playlists play at certain times of the day and week. Plan the music to change automatically so you always create the perfect atmosphere for your customers, when its quiet, busy, early or late, Summer or Christmas time. Once set up, you can literally forget about the music….MORE


Spa Music Stream provides comprehensive online and email support to assist with set-up, installation and troubleshooting.

Need More?

Spa Music Stream works with Strategic Partners to offer greater functionality and customization to Corporate or multi-site businesses. Please go to our Corporates page for more information.

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